05. prototype for pcom



This is my pcom final prototype1.0.

The red cotton ball contains strawberry smell oil. The fan will blow wind in the bubble, so the strawberry smell will coming through the tube. User will smell from the end of the tube.


Fabricate something using primarily two different materials.  Let’s say the project is roughly 40% one material, 40% the other.  The materials cannot be acrylic or plywood.  The work should be held together using fasteners of your choosing.


Material: I got food oil and plastic bubble from Michael’s, tube from Homedepot, cotton ball from itp junk shelf.

Use knife to cut a hole for  hold fan.

Use hot glue to mount fan.

Put some oil on cotton ball and put it in the bubble.

Use hot glue to connect tube and bubble




One thought on “05. prototype for pcom

  1. I’d like to see more description. What are you using? Where did you get it? What are you doing to the materials? What tools and techniques are you using?

    This is not enough documentation, please give me more.

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