02. STP in Antarctic Village



This just the beginning of my story, I’ll make more later.

Whole Story

There is an antarctic village,  lived with penguins and scientists(expedition team). One day, a penguin named STP saw two news on the internet. One is about water pollution: there is no fish in the ocean because scientists have done something bad to the environment here, so penguins can only buy very expensive fish in the market to eat, a lot of penguins cannot afford it. Another news is about how a smart penguin exchanged small things to fish. Then STP decided to do the same exchange thing. She used some small things like nuts,  string, knife finally changed for a blender. She made a cup of juice by the blender and drinker it all. This is the end of the story.

After the end of the story, I’ll tell the true story: in fact, all the small things which STP used for exchange   were from trashes that scientists left. STP fist used these small tools to kill a scientist, and then exchanged them. The juice was made of the dead scientist’s flesh.