Pcom & ICM Final – Future of eating

Computational Media, Physical Computing


In the future, we have food shortage problem because of environmental pollution. All the food are chemical synthesis to meet the nutritional needs of the human body. They looks the same, have no smell,  have no taste. People be implanted with  chips to control what they feel of food(vision, smell, taste).

In this case, we don’t need to cook anymore, we can eat “anything” we want and don’t need to consider the nutrition. For example, diabetic can eat “candy” all day, obesity can eat “high-fat” food every meal.

A device is made for experience some part of the future eating. We all know that if you pinch your nose while eat something the taste will fade, even lose some kind of taste. For example, if you pinch your nose while eat chocolate, you can only feel it is sweet, but cannot feel the chocolate taste.



Prototype 1

ICM PART: The video should be replaced by my background story, user can choose to watch it or skip it. This interface should connect with arduino. Each icon represent one taste, from left to right they are strawberry, orange, matcha and chocolate. User can mix multiple taste by selecting multiple icons.


Download ICM code

PCOM PART: There will be four of this device, each one contains one taste. The fan is controlled by arduino. Ex. The red cotton ball contains strawberry smell oil. The fan will blow wind in the bubble, so the strawberry smell will coming through the tube. User will smell from the end of the tube. User will be provided with a cup of sweet water, they need to smell from the tube while drinking.

Prototype 2

Made by 3D printing. In this version, I decide only use physical button rather than virtual on screen button.

The full view: a huge cup can hold a plastic cup.

Top: the four tube is for hold sent oil.

Top cover: the four hole on the top is for mount buttons, the four small hole on the side is for smell to coming out.

DIY button test:

Bottom: put everything(fans, prototype board, arduino micro, power jag etc) in here.

Bottom cover:

3D modle:

In this version, I find the DIY buttons are not stable and hard to mount, also the whole cup is too big, so I decide to make another one.


Prototype 3


02. Obsessive-compulsive

Computational Media



The original idea is from “DIX”. It shows the word of a boy who is obsessive-compulsive.

The circle represent a guy who is obsessive-compulsive. The square is a button which can switch the view from a normal people to an obsessive-compulsive people.

Scenes 1:

A guy wants to move from left to right. In normal people’s mind, it’s no difference to choice which path to go. But that guy prefer to go straight and must hide himself, he thinks the flashing points are so annoying. But normal people don’t understand, won’t have the same feeling, because the harmless “gray screen” is what they saw.

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-18-28-pm screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-18-47-pm screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-19-45-pm

Scenes 2:

When click the white square button shows the real feeling of the guy. Bloody, annoying,unbearable… The only way to avoid this is to follow the grey rectangle path.

When mouse move to the edge of right, the grey rectangle path will change it’s position.


screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-20-15-pm screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-21-13-pm