01. Design Analysis

Visual Language
Image Chioce

This poster commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Nagasaki atomic bomb created by Japanese artist Shigeo Fukuda.



Before I draw the grids, I thought only thevertical is symmetry. But after that I find it seems both horizontal and vertical are symmetry. I am curious about the same height of the letter “N” and fist. And the centre of  “N” align the edge of “O”.



The use of black and white form a huge contrast, it may enhance visual impact. Also this two color make me feel heavy-hearted. The small scale of red make me think of blood, also it makes this poster more alive.



Negative Space

I made all the black to white, all the white to black. It is interesting that the fist notices me the most of the original poster, but the letter “no” notices me the most when I change the color. It means say no to war.



The slender font fit the arm, seems like the “O” is been teared.