Meditation #4

Electronic Rituals, Oracles and Fortune Telling


Make a prototype of an electronic spirit board or other method for producing language or communication from unconscious/subconscious/collective gesture. (You can use procedural methods like those discussed in class, or invent your own method.) Questions to consider: How does your spirit board produce “coherence” (if, in fact, it does produce coherence)? Who is participating?


A simple twitter bots.

Meditation #3 -omancy

Electronic Rituals, Oracles and Fortune Telling


Invent an “-omancy,” or a form of divination/prophecy based on observing and interpreting natural events. Your reading of “natural” should make some reference to digital/electronic/computational media. (What counts as a “natural event” on the Internet? What’s the electronic equivalent of phrenology, from both a physical computing perspective and a data analysis perspective? Does it count as “interpretation” if it’s being performed by a computer program?) I’m especially interested in responses that take the form of purposefully inaccurate data analysis.

Demo – Your everyday lucky fruit.

Turn the knob to see your lucky fruit.

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Meditation #2 Oracle Deck

Electronic Rituals, Oracles and Fortune Telling


Invent your own “oracle deck.” Your deck doesn’t have to be a physical object (though it can be). Keeping in mind the formal characteristics of cleromancy discussed in class, consider how digital media can complicate/diminish/augment the parts and processes of a reading. (Some questions to get you started: Who gets to participate? Can a computer program be a “reader”? A “querent”? What can a “card” be? What can a “deck” be?)



I almost wrote this afternoon
instead, taking your point
of view, dissolving into it—
but then imagined
you half-awake, and irked,
into my future/current noon
texting for clarification.



A heart is just soil.

Ask anyone.

A heartbeat is a blink.

A long blink is a scream.

A longer blink is sleep.

All night I am screaming.



The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray.
Then while we live, in love let’s so persever,
That when we live no more, we may live ever.
Outside the sun has rolled up
her rugs and night strewn salt
across the sky.
My heart is humming a tune
I haven’t heard in years.

By day, I admit no shadow as backup:

crow, please keep your clever forensics.

What would I do with a cardboard guitar,

a map of the planets,

and a box of building blocks,




Poem source from here.

Meditation #1 Ritual

Electronic Rituals, Oracles and Fortune Telling


Imagine an “electronic” ritual and prototype the necessary systems to perform the ritual. Then perform the ritual and document the process. (This can be a ritual that you perform on your own, or you can involve other people.) Your imagined scenario can be speculative (e.g., a science fiction), critical, mystical, oriented toward self-care, etc. What effect does your ritual have in the world? On its participants?


In the future, people can study while dreaming.

Fungus Proposal – The Last Supper Or Much More Suppers In Prison



After I’ve learned the mental therapy of psilocybin, which can be found in magic mushroom and some other type of mushroom,  I imagine this can be used for prisoner. I assume there are two different situation, one is for prisoner who should have death penalty can use the method “The Last Supper”, another is for prisoner who will be released and back to society after correctional education.

The Last Supper

This may be a mercy death penalty. When it comes to the death date, prisoner will be provided the last supper. This contains “Appetizer” – Amanita phalloides, “Main Course” – Magic Mushroom and “Dessert” – Anesthetic.

Amanita phalloides, also known as death cap, is the most poisonous mushroom in the world. Just a half of it will cause death. This mushroom can start killing a man before he even realizes it. From link: “Olson, of California Poison Control, said that for the first six to 12 hours after they eat the mushroom, victims of the death cap feel fine. During that time, a toxin in the mushroom is quietly injuring their liver cells. Patients then develop severe abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting.”  So “appetizer” is used to start kill the prisoner.

Magic Mushroom , this kind of mushroom contains psilocybin which can ease anxiety and depression and even help patients face death. Link. So “main course” is used to comfort and give the final happy to prisoner after “appetizer” start to work but before six hours.

Anesthetic, this will prevent pain after six hours of “appetizer”.

Much More Suppers

Most prisoners after release, they will back to jail again. It’s a big burden to society. To reduce this situation, prison start to offer prisoner chance to get good college education. But just few prisoner can get the chance, and also there is a bigger mental health problem in prison. Link. “Nearly a quarter of both State prisoners and jail inmates who had a mental health problem”

Magic mushroom can be provided in prison to treat some of the mental health problem. It can change a person’s personality to make a better man. The Life-Changing Magic of Mushrooms , it said magic mushroom helped a lady realized what’s bother her what’s her problem, made she happier and quit smoking. Also magic mushroom can treat depression. Unlike other drugs have toxic not good for health, magic mushroom is toxic free. Here’s what magic mushrooms do to your body and brain




02. STP in Antarctic Village



This just the beginning of my story, I’ll make more later.

Whole Story

There is an antarctic village,  lived with penguins and scientists(expedition team). One day, a penguin named STP saw two news on the internet. One is about water pollution: there is no fish in the ocean because scientists have done something bad to the environment here, so penguins can only buy very expensive fish in the market to eat, a lot of penguins cannot afford it. Another news is about how a smart penguin exchanged small things to fish. Then STP decided to do the same exchange thing. She used some small things like nuts,  string, knife finally changed for a blender. She made a cup of juice by the blender and drinker it all. This is the end of the story.

After the end of the story, I’ll tell the true story: in fact, all the small things which STP used for exchange   were from trashes that scientists left. STP fist used these small tools to kill a scientist, and then exchanged them. The juice was made of the dead scientist’s flesh. 




This is my pcom final prototype2.0, made by 3D printing.

The full view: a huge cup can hold a plastic cup.

Top: the four tube is for hold sent oil.

Top cover: the four hole on the top is for mount buttons, the four small hole on the side is for smell to coming out.

Bottom: mount fan, because the squares are very precise for fan, i can simply plug the fan on it, and use very little hot glue, it’s very stable. the hole is connect from fan to tube and top of the cup.

Bottom cover:

3D modle:




05. prototype for pcom



This is my pcom final prototype1.0.

The red cotton ball contains strawberry smell oil. The fan will blow wind in the bubble, so the strawberry smell will coming through the tube. User will smell from the end of the tube.


Fabricate something using primarily two different materials.  Let’s say the project is roughly 40% one material, 40% the other.  The materials cannot be acrylic or plywood.  The work should be held together using fasteners of your choosing.


Material: I got food oil and plastic bubble from Michael’s, tube from Homedepot, cotton ball from itp junk shelf.

Use knife to cut a hole for  hold fan.

Use hot glue to mount fan.

Put some oil on cotton ball and put it in the bubble.

Use hot glue to connect tube and bubble